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Weak and Wounded we are not.

"Sorostitues are Weak and Wounded."

I received an e-mail last night from one of my Alumni who is working where this article was written. It is important that girls read and understand what kind of image that they give off from their chapter. Here is a letter from the Chi Omega president of that area in regards to the article.

Alumnae Sisters of Chi Omega,

Today in the Technician, (the N.C. State Newspaper), a staff writer took up issue with all sorority women on N.C. State's campus. The article, entitled "Sorostitutes are Weak and Wounded,"<http://technicianonline.com/story.php?id=012007>  is not only degrading to women in general, but specifically disparaged women in Greek organizations.

The article is clearly unfair and untrue. Please keep an eye on the media, as the story is sure to be covered throughout the state. A press conference has been scheduled for Monday, August 29, 2005.

As you can imagine, Sorority women, Greek Life, the NCSU Women's Center, and Faculty are outraged. Chi Omega Nationals has been alerted, and the Alpha Kappa women are awaiting their response to the article. We are expecting all
NPC organizations to make a formal statement regarding the article, so please do not make personal statements to the media on behalf of Chi Omega.

If you know of young women enrolled at NCSU (or other Universities), please reassure them that Sorority women are talented, intelligent, kind-hearted, community-oriented women,  *not* "Sorostitutes," as the author of the
article claims.


Many thanks,

-S K
President, Raleigh-area Chi Omega Alumnae Group

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