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Annual Letters from Santa Fundraiser

Well, the holidays shall soon be upon us, and the Silver Spring ZTA Alumnae group is once again doing "Letters from Santa."  

Letters from SANTA CLAUS
mailed from the North Pole!


You can give your child magical memories with a personalized letter from Santa Claus!   Your child will receive a letter from Santa himself, writing to say how proud he is of all the good little boys and girls.  Adults can receive these letters, too!  As a gag, send a letter to an adult to let them know Santa is watching them!  All letters will come with a mini Christmas stocking. Proceeds fund the Roxanne T. Wood Scholarship to benefit a member of Zeta Tau Alpha’s University of Maryland Chapter.


There are two easy ways to order your Letters from Santa - online or via an order form that you can download.  Instructions on payment are detailed on the order forms.


You can order on our website here: Silver Spring ZTA Santa Letter Order Form

We do take Paypal, so ordering online is fairly easy.  We hope that you will help support us and teh Roxanne T. Wood Scholarship.

Thank you!

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