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They asked us to send an email to all of our friends. I thought that this was better...

I'm not a big sender of mass emails but this is such a cool thing I couldn't resist.

The company I work for, Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers, just kicked off one of the coolest contests ever and I thought you might like to enter. Two winners of the contest will receive a 10 day trip from Baton Rouge to LA to Alaska valued at more than $15,000 each.

To understand why this trip is so special, you've got to know the story of how Raising Cane's came to be (for those of you who know this, feel free to skip to the next paragraph). When Todd Graves, the founder and CEO, graduated from college in 1994, his dream was to open a restaurant that served only chicken finger meals. He didn't have a lot of cash to invest so he turned to bankers who basically laughed him out of their offices because in their opinion his idea would never work. Todd decided he'd earn his own money to start his restaurant so he moved to California to work in the refineries. From there, he hitch-hiked to Alaska where he slept in a tent on the frozen tundra for a month until he got a job on a Sockeye Salmon fishing boat. After several months of non-stop work, he came back to Louisiana and used the money he had earned and a small SBA loan to open the first Raising Cane's near the gates of LSU in 1996.

That was 10 years ago and by the end of this year there will be more than 50 Raising Cane's locations in 11 states. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Todd came up with the idea to retrace his original journey but to do it in style this time around. So the contest is to win spots on the trip with him. In total, 15 people will join Todd, including a number of Cane's employees (who are competing in an employee contest), two people from the general public, and a film maker who has decided to shoot a documentary on the Raising Cane's story. Wouldn’t it be something if I one and one of you one, too!

You can find out more information about the contest (and enter, too) at our web site or the contest site:

Like I said, I work at Cane's but that's not the reason I'm sending this to you. It really will be the trip of a lifetime and I would love for someone I know to win it! Check it out and let me know what you think. And, since I do work at Cane’s, do me a favor and forward this email to every single person in your address book - we want to have entries from around the world!
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